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SOCOTRA the Island of Happiness

One of the largest Yemeni islands , about 510 km from the Yemeni coast on the Arian sea opposite to Al-Mukalla . its area is 3650 km with an archipelago of small islands like Al-Akhwain ( the two brothers ) islands , Darash island, Samha island and Abd A-Kori island . The center of Socotra is Hadebo in the north -east of the island and Qalansia to the north west of the island . it's inhabited by 100,000 people , most of them are working in sheep herding , grazing and fishing . they speak the old Yemeni language in the dialect of Socotra and Mahra. They also speak the language of the Arabs of Yemen.

Historical background
The fame and historic importance of Socotra dates back to the beginning of holy commodities trade prosperity and activity of the old trade route which is much better known as Frankincense , Myrrh and ladanum route for the island was one of the main producers of such essential commodities in addition to its being the back reserve for the support of Yemeni ancient Hadramout civilization along the first millenium B. C. when the king of Hadramout was named the king of Frankincense Myrrh & ladanum. In those old days Socotra island became famous for the production of incense Sticks ( a kind of incense) Socotra Glue as the best quality glue . The island became even more important and was widely known to furthermost places of ancient civilizations who used to consider those holy commodities e.g. incense , myrrh , Ladanum , glue and other perfumes as hallowed not only this but named the land producing them as the Holy land or the land of the gods . This is why Socotra island was named by ancient Greek and Romans as the happiness island . Due to the difficulty to reach it in the past . Many stories and legends have been woven in respect thereto . Today it's the focus of specialist researchers in the field of rare protected natural areas.
Geography :
A diverse geography of mountains running right into the sea , deep gullies, canes , palm-covered plains and silvery beaches.
The plants in the are uniquely diverse. There 750 species . Some of them are rare , the others unique . It has 7 species of Frankincense trees , the most famous of which are the Socotra aloe , olibanum , myrrh , Dragon blood and many rare medicinal plants and trees . The dragon tree grows in the Momi mountains.
Birds :
The island also abounds with many species of birds, estimated at 105. Some of them nest in the island , others are native to the island , many of them are endangered species . Socotra is one of the most important homes of rare birds in the Middle east.
Beaches & animals:
There are a number of beautiful beaches on the island , the most important of which is Nowgad beach . There are also many species of marine animals is famous for pearl diving.

The Portuguese occupied the island in 1507, and stayed for sometime . the best period to visit the island is from 15 October until 15 May. The winds sweep some parts of the island in the remaining period of the Year.

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Arabia Felix

yemen Guide

Yemen _ Arabia Felix

About Yemen of Arabia Felix
Arabia Felix- The Happy Arabia .

For centuries , heavily laden caravans journeyed from easternmost parts of Yemen to the Mediterranean .

The treasured cargo of frankincense , the beguiling fragrance of the Orient .
Kingdoms and powers came and went.

In the heart of old town of Sana'a one can easily believe that time has stood still for centuries .High in the craggy and rocky mountainous region small and picturesque dwelling cling to the rocky faces and peep through the wispy clouds to occasionally observe the visitors .
it was a place fighting was not permitted.

Towards the South of Yemen the city of Taizz dominates with its majestic mosques.
Like large snakes the two main roads wind and coil their way westward into the highland area stretching to the Red Sea. It is not a long drive but the climb in considerable , and the traveler has the impression of experience climate changes and indeed those of another continent: the humidity in the air rises and the straw decked houses in the plains are reminiscent of Africa.
Bananas , Papayas and lemons grow in the valley and the unveiled women can be seen in their colourful clothes.
The sandy flat area stretching along the coast of the Red Sea is called Tihama.
The modern city of Hodeidah is a good starting point for excursions.
As everywhere in Yemen, here is a synthesis of nature and history : Zabid had university as early as the eight century . Today the ruins of Mocha still stand in the sand dunes as testimony to the bygone greatness was transported to Europe for hundreds of years.
The bustling life in the region of Tihama today is strikingly colourful, more so than the rest of Yemen.

Shibam Desert of Chicago
Whether that be its brightly painted boats, or in the bustling largest market of Yemen, in Beith AlFaquih.

Untouched white sandy beaches with palms and small fishing villages invite one to take a rest. Directly north of Hodeidah behind the Ras Isa peninsula are many small islands basking in turquoise coloured water, a paradise for divers and would be Robinson Cruros.

The sandy desert of the Rub al-khali, the " Empty Quarter " intrudes into the South of the Arabia peninsula.

Short of the Indian Ocean it ends in a moonlike landscape, table mountains and rocks shimmering in the heat.
It is difficult to imagine that people could live here. And yet, suddenly, in this barren wilderness, appears a green valley. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas, with an established culture: the Wadi Hadramut.
Nearly the whole World had been discovered, but it was only in 1935 that the explorer Hans Helfritz made a journey into the Hadramut, It remained a very remote. Almost sealed area until the reuniting of Yemen in 1990.
Herfritz, so astounded by what he saw in the city of Shibam, described it as the " Chicago of the desert" . Densely built skyscrapers with nine floors had existed here for more than five hundred years.
Typically built from clay as indeed the massive Sultan palace in Sayun.
The city of Tarim is renowned for the tallest minaret on the Arabian peninsula The architecture of the Hadramaut is to be found throughout the area.

Occasionally with some Asian influence,
During the past century many merchants traveled as far as Indian and Java.
The green valley of the Hadramaut spreads itself between the steep craggy slopes of the Table Mountains and the artistic cities , and bears witness to a deeply religious culture. Domed graves serve as a resting place for many religious figures buried here.
The surrounds of the Hadramaut gives the visitor a feeling of being in a paradise on Earth.

In the plains of Tihama stand rounded huts acting as heralds to the nearby Africa . Here woman walk around without veil . the near untouched sandy beaches of the Red Sea, stretch from old coffee harbour of Mecha to the far North , To the South , the thousand mile coast is washed with the waves of the Indian Ocean.
After a long period of isolation, the Wadi Hadramaut in the East if Yemen has also opened its welcoming arms to foreigners .Enclosed from mighty table mountains , a fertile valley stretches before one like a carpet , with a jeweled chain of oasis towns as pearls in the barrenness of the desert .

It is rare in the world to find such a rich variety collected in such a small area .

Yemen promised an forgettable experience – a journey through a living ancient times , yet only a few hours flying away from Europe.
Queen of Saba
East of Sana'a lies the legendary town of Marib where the pillars of the ancient temple still stand to remind one of bygone glory. As early as eight hundred years before Christ as a large dam stood here as a further monument to that ancient world.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Queen of Saba Throughout the generations, the people of this region converted steep slopes into step formed cultivable land with geometric clarity , although man can not really conquer these mountains.
This rugged region of Yemen is naturally well fortified.

Kind and Friendly people around you
The dream of the old Orient becomes a reality in Sana'a . The city existed at the time when there only tents to be found on the Arabian peninsula – one of oldest town in the world , second only Marib . Legend has it that the son of the biblical Noah , Sem, founded the city , Renowned as a refuge of peace ,
Multi storied houses built from burnt clay tiles with alabaster windows and white chalked facades, still adorn the old city, As dusk slowly takes over the role of the day, the chanting , of the muezzins from the mosques starts to fill the air and develops into an intensive but fascinating tirade if sounds,

The tiny shops in the narrow winding streets of the souk are open at this time of day , Here one can purchase practically anything, jewellery of amazing beauty , and uniquely shirmmering of aromatic spices.
Outside of Sana'a are further jewels waiting to be discovered : the wild cliffs standing high on a rock or the seldom visited village of Bayt Baws built on green coloured limestone.
Where the nooks and cranniers of mountains tops are occasionally shrouded in clouds, villages with honey colored houses and elephant grey contrasts , peep through.
Isolated houses sometimes give the impression of eagle nests turned into stone.

Yemen bewitches every visitor who ventures there , a veritable treasure chest of old Arabian culture and history , fascinating countryside and Hospitable people .

Sharhara Bridge
The people who live here have always lived in safety. To cities such as Al-Hajjarah or Sharahara with its stone bridge , there is only one city gate.
The external facade provides as natural defense.
The story narrow streets , worn to a polished flatness over the centuries lead to the dusky, intriguing Souk, the market area. The usual associations of time and space evaporated as the character and culture of the land sift through to the senses.

beautiful Mountain towns
The landscape through harsh , instills a sense of harmony , The villages giving at the same time, the impression of being both aloof and inviting . all cities in this area whether Hajjah , Mahwiet or Menakha , have good road connections and can be reached in an hour or two

Yemen travelers Helper
These are what to see and visit , more and more exciting and interestingly you have around Yemen . I am very verya much helpful for travelers and interested to know about Yemen or plan to visit , I can provide you with information and inquiries you may need about Yemen . just be happy to ask me

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